S2S4HLS Homepage

1. Project presentation

Source to Source compilers are well known in the parallel computing world, and many interesting framework already exists (CETUS, ROSE). However the transformation proposed by such tools are not necessarily suitable for High Level Synthesis, besides they also lack many extremely valuable analysis and transformations.

To goal of the S2S4HLS is to propose a Source to Source compiler for an extended C-ANSI language, and targeted toward C to hardware - High Level Synthesis compilers such as Catapult-C from Mentor Graphic, Impulse-C from Impulse Technologies and C2H from Altera.

2. Documentation

3. Software

4. Developpers (Restricted Access)

5. Current bugs

  • Scattering dimensions names must be different from initial domain names
  • Labels are not allowed (they cause trouble when mapping Scheduling directives)
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